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New people Date: Nov 11th @ 8:27pm EST
Enough to remember his old friends, ex-girlfriends life. Been and gone, nothing to return, each of these people has its own long life they have without you just fine, and no cost would be great not gone. Everyone has their own choice, can not be improved and anyone near him can't hold this need to understand and realize. And once you realize this, everything will become easier and you will be ready for new meetings and people.
The Creator Date: Sep 18th @ 12:38am EDT
The Creator has United the whole family of man the chain of love. I often think that there is no light a man who'd never felt for another person good feelings and I do not use someone's kindness; for all we are one family coming from Adam.
To pay for moral Date: Sep 14th @ 8:35pm EDT
The shore timidly Date: Aug 30th @ 9:35pm EDT
The shore timidly
Falls the brittle ice.
Sad cloud grey
At the bottom of the pond floats.
Harsh breathing in the autumn
Clear water.
Trees leaves dropped,
Encountering the cold.
summer Date: Aug 30th @ 12:09am EDT
It's summer, caught fire, lit up with lights of different colors. But the real celebration is yet to come: we have not met with you until the main holiday summer flower â" carnation...
Perhaps that red carnation, which meet many of the holidays, they know everything. But it is a flower garden. It is grown on beds or in special greenhouses â" greenhouses. Cloves, which are growing in the field, the meadow, smaller and more modest. But without their beautiful red and dark pink colors of the lights there is no real summer festival. And only when in the field, the meadow will bloom carnations, I believe that the summer has come at all.
Glows red carnation cheerful fire, and the flame fly to colors one after another, a variety of butterflies. But other insects near these colors you don't normally see. The fact that the sweet juice, the nectar hidden in flowers of carnations at the bottom of a long tube, as in a deep well. And to get that juice out of there can only butterflies with their long proboscis.
Though more modest in our field and meadow pinks lush garden flowers, but the scent from them is so strong that it will stop involuntarily and how long you'll enjoy the smell of blooming summer.
A solid gray Date: Aug 6th @ 12:10am EDT
A solid gray cloud approached the sun. The sky is falling wet, grey snow.
Grunting angrily, toddled over to his burrow fat badger. He is dissatisfied with: wet in the woods, dirty. Time deep under the ground in a dry, clean sandy lair. It's time to sleep tumble.
Little unkempt forest ravens â" Kukshi â" at loggerheads more often. Flashed with a wet pen the color of coffee grounds. Yelling Raven's sharp voice.
A muffled croak from the top of old crows: carrion caught sight in the distance. Flew, shining lacquer blue-black wings.
Quiet in the woods. Grey snow heavily falls on the blackened trees, brown earth. On the ground rotting leaf.
The snow is thicker thicker. Went in large flakes, covered black branches of trees, covered the land...
green gun Date: Jul 29th @ 11:02pm EDT
One aunt was born a boy. Once she was sitting on the bench, and he lay in the stroller. And passed by a Gypsy. Said aunt: "Give me the ruble, I'll read for you". Aunt gave her the ruble, the Gypsy says: "Fear of the green gun." Said, and left, no explanation. Much time has passed, and my aunt forgot about it, and the boy she grew up and went to school.
And then one day he walked home from school. See, in the bushes something lying around. Raises, and this gun. Just like this, only green. The boy was delighted, took it home and hid it.At midnight the boy woke up and hear something hissing. He looked up and from under the bed green gun fit, and hisses like a snake. He threw the pillow and the gun went off and shot up through the pillow through and again climbs. He threw the book and the gun and through the book shoots. The boy was frightened, ran out of the room and closed the door, sitting and waiting for the gun through the door will be held, and shoots him. And the gun knocking at the door, and shoot can not. Then the boy ran away from home. Sitting on the street crying. And by the same Gypsy was. "The boy asks, - why are you crying?" "Green gun will shoot me," replied the boy. "Don't worry, here's a red gun, go inside and shoot the green gun." The boy entered the house and shot green with the gun. And he broke into small pieces."
something interesting Date: Jul 19th @ 11:14pm EDT
devil Date: Jul 19th @ 1:41am EDT
The two boys stood and watched as Satan slowly goes away. The Shine of his eyes still clouded with their heads.
- Listen, what does he want from you?
- My soul. And from you?
- A coin for the phone. He urgently had to call.
- Want to go eat?
-Yes, but I have no money now.
- Do not worry. I have a lot.
funny night Date: Jul 14th @ 11:24pm EDT
Walking, so my friends and I celebrated a successful performance at a scientific conference. It's all good. In jackets, ties. Drank cheap wine drawn to romance. In the end, went home. In the subway fell asleep. Woke up time the second half of the night metro station end. Arrived. I came out of the subway. Sleepy shakes, but easier. You want to smoke. "Have a cigarette, but ran out of matches." At the bus stop fit to the two in appearance quite decent men. Light. And suddenly get the question: - Boyfriend, and you're not a fool? Pause. - And then we're like two fools, for half an hour waiting for the bus, and they don't seem to go
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