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Envy is good and evil Date: Jun 18th @ 8:23pm EDT
Envy is good and evil. Angry when I see the good in a person, whether glory or other, very hurt and suffer, why he has it. And rejoice when they see evil, something happened to man. To envy sinners and to strive to be like them, that is, the fornicators, drunkards, thieves, etc. â" there are also malicious envy. But when seeing good works: fasting, prayer, almsgiving, faith, hope and love, strive to be like doing these things, this envy good.
I think that in General Date: Jun 17th @ 10:48pm EDT
I think that in General I'm pretty quiet person, and sometimes I think of myself as someone who speaks through the drums. And I like to hide behind the drums, so I don't have much to say.
What a pity Date: Jun 12th @ 10:23pm EDT
What a pity that there are things that will not fix it, what a pity that there are moments that will never happen again... there Will be new, other places, events, people, but something very expensive, will never be again, that could leave in the soul of the fondest memories. What I'd like to return..
You know Date: Jun 10th @ 10:32pm EDT
You know, we all steal. Do not have the money. You can steal time, can steal the energy of other people, steal their trust and emotions. To take though TV is a huge multi-armed thief.
The stairs are my feelings high Date: Jun 8th @ 9:46pm EDT
The stairs are my feelings high, and not without hunting I sit at the lowest stages, just because often for too long I have to sit on the highest: because the wind is shrill Toot there and the light is often too bright.
Hello fun Date: Jun 6th @ 12:36am EDT
Hello fun, but rainy day was waiting for me today although not for long the sun peeped it's not letting me enjoy my weekends but it does not matter . Even the whole 3 months of summer and I think many more Sunny days in store for me .
If people wanted to improve themselves instead Date: Jun 4th @ 10:32pm EDT
If people wanted to improve themselves instead of having to save the whole world, if they were trying to achieve inner freedom is to release all mankind, - how a lot they would do for the actual liberation of humanity.
So today is my Date: May 29th @ 8:12pm EDT
So today is my last day of work before my vacation . And I am very very happy this smile is not coming from my eyes . I tune to enjoy the beach, sand and beautiful bodies . To drink cocktails and to relax from work but I'll be very bored and hope you will too .
Here is a little Date: May 26th @ 9:57pm EDT
Here is a little bit more and will start a long-awaited vacation wash I see the sea, sand and beach, my naked body will be warmed up by the warm sun and the smile did not come off my face . The smell of fruit and the blooming of nature and it makes me excited .
Know how nice after Date: May 18th @ 11:43pm EDT
Know how nice after a long work finally go on a holiday where the beach is sand and you already imagine yourself sunbathing on the beach .Yes it is I'm going on vacation and want to tell you that this is pretty soon next week I will fly to another city and there will be a sea of sand shakes and I am going to enjoy the sun and your vacation.
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